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Tips-Ideas: Verbose vs quickview topical presentations

This blog is a quick view of topics and NOT a verbose presentation of  anything.  I do not have a skill for literary presentation.   There are many online ministries that have fantastic books on these type of subjects.  They are specific and verbose presentations.  These books often give related information to help explain a topic.  It is very  very suggested that you purchase and read many of them, but make sure  your selection is scriptural based.

Topic: Stay continually “in Jesus”.

As I review this blog, there seems to be a lot of stuff to keep in mind to do.  However, the only real  thing you need to actually  do,  is trust and believe in Jesus [“in Jesus”] continually and the rest just  happens.  If you stay “In Jesus” you will be acceptable to God the Father and receive salvation for eternity.

Welcome to Ameigh’s Christian Blog

This site is under updating. See you later.

The “About” page gives a little background of what my basic beliefs are. I am a student not an expert even though I am about 70 years old. My Grandmother during my youth, always said that you never completely know everything the Bible says. Each time you read it, it tells you something more.

Category: Welcome to Site